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/News/Chardonnay to be renamed to reflect its unique Australian style

Chardonnay to be renamed to reflect its unique Australian style

Chardonnay is getting a new name in honour of its unique “Aussie” style. Just as we did with Shiraz decades earlier, the grape variety is to to be renamed here in Australia as a means of differentiating it from Chardonnays produced elsewhere in the world.

Cardoneh (pronounced ‘Car-doh-neigh’) has been officially adopted as the new name, voted in at a meeting last week of top Australian wine industry bodies. The idea and name change has been on the table for years, gathering momentum over the last 12 months as a way to reignite waning Australian Chardonnay sales worldwide.

“While some may suggest that a popular Australian comedy series has influenced our decision on the name, nothing could be further from the truth,” said Ian Montgomery, head of research and development at the Wine Industry Research Centre in Adelaide. “It was chosen from a shortlist of proposed names drawn from an industry-wide submissions process, and we felt it reflected the right mix of sophistication and familiarity for consumers.”

Wine producers have mixed feelings about the decision, citing relabelling costs as a huge burden at a time when many are already doing it tough.

“But if it means helping Australian chardonnay to stand out more from the crowd and really show consumers we’ve got something very special here, then we’re all for that,” said Leonard Shaw, CEO of the Coonawarra-Hunter Vignerons Association.

UPDATE: If you’re still reading this with your mouth wide open, please check the publication date and then pour yourself a nice big glass of premium Australian Chardonnay. You’ve been had! Happy April Fool’s Day.

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