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It's like a book club, but with wine!
Whether you do it on your own, or in the company of friends, our fabulous online wine club is like a big book club but with wine! And if you're already part of a wine club you need to add this to it pronto! Because isn't that what book clubs are all about anyway? Read More
Discover two new wines from our fave brands
Each month we select two wines from one of our favourite wineries. We then work directly with that winery to make those two wines available for you to purchase as a two-pack (or six pack, or dozen) delivered to your door. It’s like having your very own wine tasting at home! Read More
No subscriptions or monthly payments
There's no heavy sell, no subscriptions or monthly credit card deductions. Just two recommendations every month of wines we love from fabulous Australian wineries. You can choose to have them delivered direct from the producer – or not. It’s up to you! Read More