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/News/Stomp our way! Canberra launches inaugural Stomp Festival, 29-30 April 2023

Stomp our way! Canberra launches inaugural Stomp Festival, 29-30 April 2023

Canberra is having its very own two-day, region-wide wine festival! 

The Canberra Wine District’s inaugural Stomp Festival celebrates 25+ local winemakers and producers through two days of wine, food, entertainment, activities, demonstrations, special offers, and much more. The festival aims to attract over 2500 to the district on the weekend of 29-30 April. With a range of wine, food and activities, there’s absolutely something for everyone.   

‘Our wineries and businesses have come together to create a cracking weekend of experiences for the inaugural Stomp Festival.’ said President of the CDWIA, Fergus McGhie.

‘The ticket price offers outstanding value! Stomp Festival will feature exclusive wine releases, grape stomping in half barrels, farm animals, live music, art, behind-the-scenes tours, barrel room tastings, back vintages, bike tours, demonstrations, picnics with pups, a hint of Spain, Italy and France, chocolates, country music legends, challenges, games and plenty of prizes.’

‘We’re looking forward to having large scale festivals back in the district.’  

Tickets for Stomp Festival are $29.50 for the whole two days and available for purchase at 

The festival is a big part in the district’s recovery, following the tough business conditions over recent years with bushfires, extreme weather events, lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID.

About the Canberra Wine District

Canberra District wines deliver unique qualities derived from an environment like no other in Australia. The tranquil rural countryside around the ACT is home to 140 vineyards with more than 40 wineries with 35 minutes of Canberra.

Many of the wineries are small and intimate providing an original interactive visitor experiences.. The range in temperature, vineyard elevations, soil types and the careful influence of the winemakers’ skill and individual character help to shape the refined, unique qualities of the final product.

Two must-visit wineries for Stomp Fest

Sarah Collingwood Four Winds Vineyard
Four Winds Vineyard
Sarah Collingwood

Pop in and say hello to Sarah! Four Winds are having live music all weekend, as well as tastings of their 10 year back vintages of Riesling and Shiraz.

Sapling Yard
Carla Rodeghiero

Join Carla for some 'Stomp and Swig’- kick off your shoes, grab your glass and jump in the half barrel to experience the tradition of grape stomping! There's also live music throughout the weekend.

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