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Aperitivo Hour arrives in Australia just in time for Summer

Now everyone can awaken their inner Italian with the new ‘spritz in a can’ from Pizzini Wines

Italians and travellers know that, in Italy, the transition from day to evening is marked by Aperitivo Hour – when everyone stops to have a spritz and a plate of delicious bite-sized morsels. In some VERY fabulous news, our friends at Pizzini Wines – Australia’s leading producer of Italian wine varietals – are making Aperitivo Hour accessible to everyone this summer! Thanks to the launch of their new spritzed wines in a can.

These sparkly delights are available in three varieties – Prosecco, Rosé Spritz and Pinot Grigio Spritz – and are conveniently sized in 250ml aluminium cans, so everyone can now enjoy their favourite aperitivo!

The best thing though? They’re made from 100% King Valley fruit and the wines have nothing else added except the bubbles. No sweeteners, no mixers, no colours and flavours. It’s just wine with bubbles! And not any old wine either – this is the same quality wine you find in Pizzini’s bottles. So you can enjoy them as they are, or use them to form the base of any spritz-style cocktail.

Fabulous lady of wine Natalie Pizzini, the Marketing Manager of Pizzini Wines and third generation family member, says that Aperitivo Hour has always been an important part of life for the Pizzini family here in Australia, just as it is for their Italian relatives.

“It provides a special time each day to stop, relax and reflect,” says Natalie. “And having a spritz is an integral part of the aperitivo experience. With our new spritz cans, you don’t have to open a whole bottle to be able to enjoy the quintessential Italian Aperitivo Hour. Now everyone can awaken their inner Italian this summer!”

If you’ve never experienced Aperitivo before, now is the time to start! Just pick a time of the day around sunset to stop everything, make a spritz, nibble on something salty and celebrate being alive. That’s it. No wonder it’s an everyday part of Italian culture!

The cans are available to purchase in single varietal four-packs (RRP$22.00) or a carton of 24 (RRP$120.00), and are sold nationally through First Choice, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars, as well as direct from A Sampler Pack Carton is also available from Pizzini and includes eight cans of each variety.

About Pizzini Wines For over 30 years Pizzini Wines have been growers and makers of Italian wine varieties in Victoria’s King Valley. With a focus on inspiring connection through wine, food and friendship, Pizzini believe that the joy of connecting with people over amazing food and wine is the Italian way and the antidote we all need for modern life.

About the new Pizzini spritz cans Containing only high-quality wine that is lightly sparkling, these new spritz cans provide a brand-new offering to Australian wine lovers. These are the same wines found in Pizzini’s bottled range, but with a soft sparkle so they can be enjoyed as your favourite aperitivo spritz. They’re also perfect for picnics, camping and our Australian summer lifestyle. Available in three types:

  • Prosecco – the famous Pizzini prosecco you already love, now in a lightly sparkling style
  • Rosé Spritz – a spritzed-up, dry-style rose made from Sangiovese and Nebbiolo
  • Pinot Grigio Spritz – classic pear, apple and lime flavours with a soft sparkle
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