Fabulous Ladies Gift Vouchers for Christmas: Give the fabulous gift of a ticket to one of Australia’s premiere
Watch the announcement of the 2015 Australian Women in Wine Awards: In what’s believed to be an industry (and possibly Australian!) first, the
All the pics from the Brisbane Fabulous Ladies Wine Soiree with Spring Seed Wines: Balmy Brisbane was pumping on Thursday night as fabulous wine loving women

Fabulous Wine Deals

FREE delivery from Raidis Estate – Christmas Dozen: Just want the whites? You can get that here. Why do we
Certified Organic 15% off & FREE delivery from Spring Seed Wines: Want more? Get the 12 pack for $260 Why we love these
Get 44% off fresh Savvy B from Zonte’s Footstep & FREE delivery: To get this deal you’ll need to enter a code at checkout. The

Fabulous Ladies of Wine


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Recipes for Wine Lovers

Red Wine Skillet Cake For anyone who is on the latest denial diet of quitting sugar avert your eyes now. This is NOT the recipe for you! Sweet toothed ladies it is time
Tarte Flambée Classic Tarte Flambée Alsatian Pizza With Fromage Blanc, Bacon, and Onions If you’re going to drink Raidis Estate Cheeky Goat Pinot Gris with us in the online wine club
Sauvignon Blanc Cupcakes Savvy B. Cake. Savvy B…These are a few of my favourite things!! And this is a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for a while to see if it

Wine Regions

C is for Coonawarra. It’s probably one of the
We know you’ve all been dying to hear about
If you’re in Orange in central western New South