Xanadu Scoop The Pool at Margaret River Wine Show 2016 & EXCLUSIVE DEAL!

Collecting the Bling

Xanadu have scooped the pool at the recent Margaret River Wine show, taking home no less than 12 Gold medals and a trophy!Xanadu Feature imageHere are the 12 Gold medal and Trophy winning wines from Xanadu:

  1. 2015 Xanadu Stevens Road Chardonnay – Winner of Best Single Vineyard Wine
  2. 2014 Xanadu Stevens Road Chardonnay
  3. 2015 Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay
  4. 2014 Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay
  5. 2013 Xanadu Exmoor Shiraz
  6. 2014 Xanadu DJL Shiraz
  7. 2013 Xanadu Stevens Road Graciano
  8. 2013 Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon
  9. 2013 Xanadu DJL Cabernet Sauvignon
  10. 2014 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon
  11. 2010 Xanadu Cabernet Sauvignon
  12. 2013 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Double Win

To top that off, the Xanadu viticulturist Suzie Muntz has won the 2016 Clairault | Streicker Margaret River Viticultural Excellence Award at the Langton’s 2016 Margaret River Wine Show!

What a legend!

Suzie says “Being one of only a handful of female Viticulturists in Australia has been an amazing journey.  I started at the bottom and with lots of hard work I am successfully reaching the top of my field. My viticultural style aims to break traditions both viticulturally and culturally.”

Suz_070 (002)What is viticulture?

It’s the hard work in the vineyard to maintain vine health, soil health, monitor grape development, manage pests and weather. The magic in your glass starts in the vineyard!

About Suzie Muntz

Part of the Xanadu team for 9 years, Suzie manages 70 hectares of vines made up of several varietals including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Semillon and Graciano to name a few.

Suzie was lauded by Stuart Watson, President of the Margaret River Wine Association who said “As an Association we believe quite simply that good vines make the finest wines; you cannot have one without the other.  It is to this end that we created and uphold the opportunity to highlight excellence in viticultural practices within the region.  The award allows us to recognise the importance of quality fruit in maintaining and enhancing Margaret River’s hard won international reputation.”

Hard work done by Suzie in the vineyard well and truly presents itself in every glass of Xanadu wine, as evidenced by their impressive number of show accolades. So, what is Suzie’s go-to wine at the moment?

FullSizeRender (003)Suzie’s Wine of the Moment

This Christmas, Suzie is looking forward to putting her feet up and enjoying her favourite wine at the moment. Perfection is the mineral-driven Stevens Road Chardonnay in one hand paired with a West Aussie seafood bonanza of scallops, crayfish and abalone in the other! Sounds like absolute heaven to us here at Fab Ladies HQ!

Suzie mini#shareachardonnay

Why not make like Suzie and #shareachardy now that the weather is warm.

There are no less than 4 award winning chardonnays on offer from Xanadu right now. Why not pick up some of the 2015 Xanadu DJL Chardonnay and make like Suzie, put your feet up, and enjoy?

Balancing stone fruit, citrus, minerality and a smooth, juicy finish, Chardonnay is the best friend of seafood, pasta salad, coleslaw and chicken.


Perhaps a summer rosé is more your style.

Put the 2016 Xanadu DJL Rosé under your Christmas tree!

Expect delicate cranberry and watermelon notes combined with zesty pink grapefruit flavours. It is a lively, fruit driven wine which culminates in a crisp, dry savoury finish.


No doubt you will be raring to secure some of these divine award winning wines from Xanadu.

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