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Start your Wineries We Love experience with our Love package. Let us massage your shoulders and rub your feet (the way you really like it) whilst also giving you the opportunity to upload up to eight different wines for sale on our online marketplace.

You’ll be seen as one of the curated women-led wineries we really love because your store will also be displayed in our “Wineries We Love” section of the website. Lovely, huh?

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Unlimited Days

Big Love

Hungry for more love? Then you need our Big Love package. All the same details as our normal hunk-o-burning Love but with added “Bigness”. That means if you’ve got some big news to share, send it over! And we’ll get it up on our website and out on the socials. (Please note, we retain editorial discretion at all times.)

You can also have up to 12 wines (or mixed case options) available on our marketplace. Because big is better, right?

12 Products
Unlimited Days

Love Fest

Want so much love it hurts? If that’s your schtick – no judgement here! – then you’ll need our Love Fest package. All the same benefits of the other love options, but now we get festive with it. Because it’s ONLY our Love Fest members whom we also offer other opportunities to during the year. Like our famous Fabulous Ladies events.

You can also sell an unlimited number of products on our marketplace.

Unlimited Products
365 Days
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