Wine industry first in Australia to access new in-stream buying technology

MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release: 6 August 2014


Thanks to The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, the Australian wine industry will be the first industry in the nation to have access to new in-stream technology that allows social media users to buy your product, enter your competition or donate to your cause – all through a simple tweet.

The social transaction technology, which is set to revolutionise online purchases, was developed here in Australia by Sprooqit. The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society was chosen to be the first company to implement the technology and today has launched Australia’s first twitter competition using the Sprooqit system.

“We’re so excited to be trialing this for Sprooqit with the view to making it available to the whole wine industry in the next few months,” said Jane Thomson, founder of The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society and current 2013 Digital Wine Communicator of the Year.

Sprooqit comp
The Twitter competition using Sprooqit, which was launched today.

Sprooqit CFO, Bruce Parker, said; “This technology has been developed in Australia and we believe the Australian wine industry is an excellent place to launch it.”

The in-stream twitter purchase (or competition entry, or donation) is made with the use of special hashtags called “Go tags”. These go tags create an automated action that tells Sprooqit what the user wants (based on predefined campaign goals), and makes it happen. There’s no need to visit a website or login to an online shopping cart, or even go to a particular twitter page. The tweet can be made from the user’s own personal account.

Once you create an account on Sprooqit the first time, you don’t need to do anything other than use the go tags to buy, enter or donate when participating in a Sprooqit campaign.

Currently available on Twitter, Sprooqit are already in negotiation with other social media platforms.

Those in the wine industry interested in using Sprooqit should contact Jane Thomson at The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society.


Jane Thomson: 0413 682 377

Audrey Golbert: 0450 125 425