T’was the week before Easter and all through our home, eggs, bilbies and bunnies were hidden and gone.
The baskets and nests were prepared with care, with hopes that Easter bunny would soon be there.
But mummy and daddy to drink with their sweets, needed some help with the wine matching their treats!

Wine for Easter

bunnies behaving badly
Bunnies behaving badly

Easter is almost here (hello four day weekend!) and if you’re anything like me, you have chocolate of all sorts hidden around the house. Hidden from the kids, but mostly hidden from myself.

But what to drink with all this chocolatey goodness? Maybe not first thing on Easter Sunday, but a tipple later in the day might be needed to cope with the sugar high! Here are some fabulous suggestions of wine for Easter.

Easter Eggs

Dark chocolate easter eggs are my favourite and the darker the better. The bitterness in dark chocolate, particularly those with at least 50% cocoa mass, matches perfectly with red wine. A full-bodied shiraz or cabernet with a bit of tannin is the best. Choose something from the Barossa Valley or Heathcote.

easter bunnies

To get really decadent, try pairing your dark chocolate eggs or bilbies with Sparkling Shiraz, for a very Australian Easter. This is certainly my pick. Sweet bubbles with red berry fruit and bitter chocolate is a wonderful combination.

Surely all those anti-oxidants in the chocolate and the wine make it a healthy option!

Milk Chocolate is the everyday egg, and is perfect for when you need that sugar fix at 3pm in the afternoon. Red wine still matches well with milk chocolate, but you don’t want anything too big. A nice fruity Merlot or Grenache would be great, or a soft Pinot Noir, with lots of plum and cherry flavours.

A sweeter white with a bit of acidity also works very well. Try a botrytis Semillon from the Hunter Valley or a late harvest Riesling.

White chocolate eggs are not real chocolate in my books, but it’s delicious nonetheless! Because white chocolate it is so creamy and rich, you really need a bit of acidity in your wine to cut through the sweetness. Try a late harvest Riesling or even a low alcohol, slightly sparkling Moscato.

For a truly decadent match, try a white port or muscat. There can still be a reasonable amount of acidity in a fortified wine and this can perfectly match the creaminess in white chocolate.

Caramel fillings in eggs are my weakness too. None of this fancy schmancy salted stuff, just good old Caramello! Caramel can be super sweet, so you want a wine with a bit of acidity. Again, a Hunter Semillon or a Riesling would be perfect. A nice rich caramel would also match beautifully with a Rutherglen fortified wine.

Hot cross buns


Nothing starts off the Easter weekend better than a freshly toasted hot cross bun with lashings of butter. You might need a hot cup of tea or coffee to get you going first thing in the morning, but a cheeky nip of something later in the day is always a good idea!

To match the sweetness of the plump raisins and sultanas and the spicy cinnamon, nothing could be better than a lovely Rutherglen muscat. Thick, rich and sweet, it’s the perfect drink to sip in the afternoon or just for a decadent end to four days of overindulgence!


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