Wine and Food Pairing of the Day: Sunday

Nachos & Sparkling Shiraz

Sunday nights are meant to be simple. Simple and delicious. Throw open a bag of corn chips, mash up the avocado, pour on the hot salsa and a open a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz to wash it all down.

Non-traditional, we know. But, this is a killer wine and food match. The slightly sweet fizz cuts through the salty overload and the intense fruit flavours are a lovely contrast to all that spicy chilli.

It’s the same principals that makes Sangria always tastes so great with tapas!

Here’s a recipe for a super quick Sunday Nachos.

And here’s three super fabulous Sparkling Shiraz to hunt down to have with it.

Under $15.00

andrew garrett sparkling shiraz

Andrew Garret Sparkling Shiraz

Under $25.00

bleasdale sparkling shiraz

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz

schild estate sparkling shiraz

Schild Estate Sparkling Shiraz


*Image credit: Australian Women’s Weekly