Windows Estate Basket Press Shiraz 2011

Windows Estate

Windows Estate Basket Press Shiraz 2011

Using a basket press to produce wine makes everything slower and more time consuming. Sure, it’s the traditional method, but does it really make a difference to the quality of the wine? 

In short, yes. Basket pressing is much gentler on the grapes, retaining more of the natural flavours and characters. And minimal intervention and maximum quality is what Windows Estate, in Margaret River, are all about.

This family run winery grow their own grapes, make their own wine and bottle it all on their own property. By having control over all aspects of the wine production they can achieve the quality they’re after from start to finish. When you know all that, it makes the $30 asking price look like a bit of a steal.

So what’s it like? If a big juicy Barossa Shiraz and an elegant, restrained Yarra Valley Shiraz had a love child, this would be it.

It’s restrained, but still big on fruit. A little warmth, without any dominating big oak. A touch of spice without the whole Christmas pud. And smooth, supple tannins to see it through.

Drink With:

Braised beef and mushroom pie. (You have the wine, let the kids have the tomato sauce.)

Price: $30

Rating: 4/5