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Why there’s never been a better time to run a wine events business

Yep, we hear you. It’s economically tough out there right now. Mortgage repayments are rising, inflation is growing and while toilet paper may be back on the shelves more regularly this year, the price to buy it is higher than ever.

But here at the FLWS things have never looked stronger.

So far in 2023 every single wine event we’ve put on sale has SOLD OUT – usually months in advance, and some in record time. (Hello Sydney, in just 24 hours!)


And we’ve also sold out every single wine tour for 2023. There’s literally nothing left for people to book into here or abroad! (We’ve already started a waitlist for 2024.)

Which is why we’re looking for franchisees! It’s the whole reason we got this show on the road and opened it up for you to turn into your own business. There is so much demand for what we do. And no sign of that slowing down. Even now.

If you’re wanting to take more control of your future and invest in a business that can weather the ups and downs of the economy, this is it – and we’ve got 10 years of trading history to prove it. We have the business template that works. You just need to bring the passion and the drive!

As we’ve been chatting to people over the last couple of months, some questions keep popping up over and over again. Here are the top three:

Where does my income come from?

In short, from running wine events! And whether or not you’ve worked in events before, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about what revenue streams are available from events. Don’t just assume it’s from ticket sales – as this is rarely the case. Our system doesn’t rely on ticket sales!

How do you work out the territory or area for each franchise?

This one’s easy. We have access to sophisticated geo-modelling software which allows us – in conjunction with you, the franchisee – to look at real demographics in a specific geographical area. Using this information we can define a geographical region that is absolutely viable for your business and works for you.

Do I have to have experience working in wine?

Not at all! Whilst any wine and/or hospitality experience is advantageous, it’s not mandatory or required. Full training is provided for all our franchisees. It’s more about having the right personality, energy and passion for running events and building a community of like-minded wine loving women.

Have you downloaded the prospectus information yet? Make sure you check it out and have a think about whether this fabulous business opportunity could be for you.

If you’ve already done that, and you’d like to have a chat, we’d love to do that too! Even if we’ve spoken previously, it would be great to talk to you again. Perhaps you’re clearer in your thinking or have more questions that have popped up. Or maybe circumstances have changed. Whatever the reason, I’d love to talk to you more about making a FLWS Franchise all yours.

If you’re ready… let’s do this! Just email me directly at to tee something up.

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