What wine loving women said about St Hallett Faith Shiraz 2010

The St Hallett Faith Shiraz 2010 was our first ever red wine of the month, for our first ever month of Australia’s first online women’s wine club. What a fabulous honour is that!? Yes, we think so too.

Located in the heart of South Australia’s Barossa region, St Hallett has been producing some stellar wines since 1944. All the fruit used in St Hallett’s wines, including this Faith Shiraz, have been grown in the Barossa – with the rich and diverse soils of the region evident in the wine.

That’s all very well and good of course, but what does it taste like?

Here’s what the chief Fabulous Ladies had to say about it, as it appeared on the download-able Tasting Notes that our wine club members use when trying the wine.

(The full Tasting Notes & Wine Scoring Card are still available for download too, if you’d like them! Just because we’ve finished tasting this wine as part of our online wine club, doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to try, buy and taste the wine using our fabulous, girl friendly tasting notes to guide you. Enjoy!)

So what did the members of our women’s online wine club think?

What we heard from many women was that they were surprised that a big Barossa shiraz – one that retails for under $20 – can actually be this smooth. Those who don’t ordinarily enjoy the big, gutsy flavours of shiraz told us that they found themselves happy to be sipping on this one.

Here’s a couple of our favourite comments:

“When I see ‘Barossa Shiraz’ I expect a punchy, huge mouthful of flavour. And while the flavour was all there, I was surprised by the mellow smoothness of this wine. I’d definitely buy it again.”

“Very easy to drink, and has a wonderful flavour. Isn’t as peppery as some Shiraz can be.”

We also loved seeing those of you with more experience in tasting wine use this as an opportunity to write your own industry-style wine review, such as this one we received from the fabulous Kristen. Brilliant!

“Heavy dark red colour not especially clear. Spicy blackcurrant/red berry oakiness on the nose. Berry and oaky tannins in the mouth. Perhaps a little drier than my usual taste but still lovely. Lingering berry after taste on the palate. Fantastic accompaniment to Mother’s Day lamb.”

Overall, most members scored the wine between 3 and 4.  This is a nice little Barossa shiraz at a very reasonable price, and is perfect to drink any day of the week.

And that’s a wrap for the red wine of the month from the online women’s wine club, May 2012!

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Have you tried the St Hallett Faith Shiraz 2010? What did you think? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


  1. Harry van Poppel

    I have been disappointed. It's not comparable to the French Shiraz Rhône wines such as

    Saint Joseph, Vaqueras and Château neuf du Pape.

    Would definitely never buy it again.

  2. Lois

    Too busy to reply in May, but not too busy to buy a bottle and share it. Yum! Would definitely buy it again. And give it a 4 out of 5.

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