What to drink on Bastille Day

We could go on about all the amazing French wines you could drink on Bastille Day, but here’s something far more interesting you may not know – Bastille Day does actually have a semi-official tipple and her name is Lillet.


Perhaps sounding more like the name of a Dairy Maid, Lillet is actually a French apertif wine – which can be either red (Lillet Rouge), white (Lillet Blanc) or rose (Lillet Rose). It is made from a blend of 85% Bordeaux wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle for the white; Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red version) and 15% macerated fruit liqueurs, which are mostly citrus liqueurs made from orange peel.

Lillet belongs in a family of aperitif known as tonic wines because it contains quinine. But we can think of so many other reasons to drink to our health that the qunine’s just a bit of a bonus.

What to drink on Bastille Day? How about a Bastille Day Lillet Sprizter

To make a special Bastille Day spritzer, pour 40 – 60 mls or so of Lillet Blanc or Rose into a white wine glass filled with ice, then top it up with soda water. You can spesh it up with an orange slice, or (better still) find a naff but nonetheless festive French flag swizzle stick to stick in it.

Lillet can be a little tricky to chase down, but better boutique wine stores do stock it, and you can easily find her online at www.SpiritsOfFrance.com.au.



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