Not your Nanna’s Riesling – West Cape Howe Great Southern Riesling 2012

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: West Cape Howe Great Southern Riesling 2012

When you’re sharing a lunch with the extended family, and your somewhat older relatives pull out a Riesling, there is generally a justifiable cause for concern.

It’s usually a good time to grab your glass off the table, and wander into the kitchen to make pretensions about helping to “wash up”.

This offering from West Cape Howe however, from the Mount Barker region of Western Australia ( an area sometimes referred to as the “Great Southern”), is one to stay at the table for. This is about as far away from your Nanna’s Riesling as you can get.

The first sip brought tears to my eyes, and it wasn’t from nostalgia. This is the kind of Riesling you search high and low to find. The one you ask around about. The one that – once you find it – you almost want to keep to yourself.

The LowDown

This elegantly pale, almost green-tinged wine is sourced from vineyards in the Mount Barker area of Western Australia and it smells like walking through a lime orchard – fruit, leaves, sticks, sunshine and all.

An incredibly tight and crisp Riesling, it’s abounding in soft citrus fruit flavours (no “big hits” of zing – more like your favourite gelato flavours) and a beautiful clean finish.

When I started to dig around looking for more information about it (which, in the modern vernacular, is called “Googling”) I was delighted to find that it’s already covered in some serious bling, having been triumphant at the 2012 Royal Perth Wine Show, beating all others to take the Trophy for the Best Dry White.

(And just for the record, it’s predecessor, the 2011, won Best Riesling at the International Riesling Challenge held in Canberra last year.)

Drink With

This is such a crisp, tight wine that it doesn’t need food. Just open the bottle, find a quiet spot and enjoy this amazing, revolutionary new Riesling. And don’t let Nanna find you.

If you insist on enjoying it with food (and I mean it, you really don’t need to eat anything with this wine) then I’d stick with something simple, without overly complicated flavours. Try triple cream brie and crackers, home-baked parmasan and rosemary shortbread, or delicate angel-hair pasta with fresh herbs, lemon and cream.

Price: Around $19.00 a bottle

Rating: 5 – Seriously the best dry white wine we’ve tried this year



Available from: Good independent retailers, some online stores and direct from