Top 5 Wines for Every Sort of Dad this Fathers Day

Buying for Dad must be right up there with the most hair-pulling present purchasing duties of the year. Why are they just so darned hard to buy for?!  New socks – as delightful as they are – just won’t always cut it.

Wine is always a welcome gift for any Dad who likes a tipple, but even that can be fraught with confusion. What sort of wine does he like? Will he think it’s good? How will I know if it’s good?! How will I know if he thinks it’s GOOD??!!

Fear not. Here’s five bottles of wine perfect for Fathers Day that we think are more than good. And he will too.

The Corporate Dad

Barristers Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 $32.00

If your Dad can tie an Oxford knot with one hand behind his back and thinks a spreadsheet is what everyone uses to organise their sock drawer, then he’s probably got a thing for Cabernet Sauvignon.

This 2009 vintage from South Australian winery Barristers Block, is elegant and smooth and right up there with the best Cab Sav under $35 that we’ve tried all year.


The Alternative Lifestyle Dad

Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz 2011 $20.00

Does your dad wear yoga pants for more than just a workout?  Did he feed you quinoa for dinner long before Neil Perry got hold of it?

If you’ve got a dad who’s in touch with the soul of life then it’s got to be an organic wine. And there’s few doing it better than Battle of Bosworth Wines in McLaren Vale.

Once you’ve assured him that the winery has got no association with the armed forces of any kind, he’ll be blown away by this full flavoured and fruit-laden Shiraz that’s also chemical and preservative free.

The Arts & Culture Dad

ArtWine Riesling 2011 $20.00

New style Australian Riesling is what all good, turtle-neck skivvy-wearing, arty types should be drinking. It’s fruity, easy on the palate, dry, crisp and just a little bit showy. And with a label like ArtWine, he’ll be thrilled to share it at a new gallery opening or theatre premiere with all his arty friends too.

But it’s not just the label that he’ll be delighted with. This is a lovely crisp Riesling that could happily become anyone’s creative muse.

The Sporty Dad

Some Young Punks ‘Passion Has Red Lips’ 2011 Cabernet Shiraz $25.00

Obviously this whole attempt to pigeon hole dads into stereotypes and match them with a wine is very tongue-in-cheek. So carrying on with that, we reckon the sporty dad is lean, athletic and highly focused and needs a bit more frivolous fun in his life – that doesn’t involve beer with the lads after training.

This hilarious wine label from the equally hilarious wine company ‘Some Young Punks’, is inspired by pulp fiction and comic classics from the 1950’s. But it’s actually totally delicious too, and it will have dad happily wetting his whistle while he kicks back and relaxes this Fathers Day.

The Serious Wine Buff Dad

Eden Road Courabyra Chardonnay 2011 $45.00

Perhaps the hardest of all. The serious wine buff dad can be intimidating to buy for. Don’t forget though, that the man loves wine! It’s a drink! It’s not a cure for cancer (well…not at the quantities he’s drinking anyway). Relax, have fun and show him you can buy something that he can appreciate.

Eden Road Wines are doing some very lush drops out Canberra way, and there’s nothing of theirs we haven’t been impressed with. But wine loving folk are almost always given red wine as gifts, so to really make dad chuffed we recommend giving him a quality white wine to savour – and we’re sure this single vineyard 2011 Courabyra Chardonnay from Eden Road will suitably knock his (new) socks off.