Top 5 De Bortoli Wines for Summer Sipping


This year, we’ve been lucky enough to do three Fabulous Ladies Wine Soirees with the truly fabulous Leanne De Bortoli and De Bortoli Wines.

Fabulous Ladies'_ Sydney 13th March 2014_no watermark-3

From Sydney to Melbourne, and up to Noosa, everywhere we went fabulous ladies were raving about the high quality and downright good pricing of the De Bortoli wines we shared together.

As part of our involvement with De Bortoli this year, I promised we’d do a bit of a write up of our top five picks from their extensive range of wines. But with summer coming up, I thought we’d keep it seasonal and instead give you our selection of the five best warm weather De Bortoli wines we’ve sampled, sipped, swirled and slurped this year.

Some of these we shared with you at our events, and others are those we’ve been lucky enough to sample on the sly – but we think all are perfect for providing reprieve from the blistering summer heat.


db rose1. La Boheme Act Two Pinot Noir Rose 2014

RRP $20.00

This is the wine that stopped a nation. Okay, well maybe not a nation exactly. But definitely a restaurant. Everytime we served the La Boheme Rose this year, time seemed to stand still. The oohs-and-aahs were audible. In Sydney, our fabulous attendees ordered so much of the stuff afterwards that for a while the entire country was out stock!!!!

It’s the colour that first enthralls you. It’s a pale, salmon pink the French refer to as Oeil de Perdrix (partridge eye) which is a sign of an authentic Provencale style Rosè. (Leanne De Bortoli taught us all that!). The palate is savoury, dry and full bodied, with lashings of rose petal and red, summer berries. And it’s not all for the girls either. My hubby can’t get enough of it.

db deen sav2. Deen Vat 2 Sauvignon Blanc 2013

RRP $12.90

Who doesn’t like a wee little (translation: ginormous) tipple of Sauvignon Blanc on a sweltering afternoon? All that tropical fruit and crisp finish. It’s as though it was invented to keep us all refreshed and peachy keen. Great for putting on a happy face all school holidays long…

I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t instantly taken a liking to this clean, fresh, crisp Savvy B. Sure, it’s not complex – but neither is a Friday afternoon down at the swings. Spread out the picnic rug, smile as you watch little Bronte or Riley topple down the slide for the upteen millionth time and top up your glass.

db windy peak3. Windy Peak Pinot Grigio 2013

RRP $14.00

Windy Peak hasn’t become one of De Bortoli’s best selling labels for nothing. And when you taste this delicate Pinot Grigio that’s bursting with citrus and mineral water flavours and a hint of floral gorgeousness, you’ll wonder how on earth they do all that for just $14.

If you were lucky to get one in your goody bag at one of our Fabulous Ladies Wine Soirees you’ll already know what we mean. Drink it icy cold with a cocktail umbrella (yes you can) and a side of flash fried calamari.

db chard4. Estate Grown Chardonnay 2013, Yarra Valley 2013

RRP $25.00

Think you’re not a Chardonnay drinker? Think again. This is the wine that converted more than one fabulous lady back to Chardy at our events this year. That’s because this is an elegant, restrained and gentle Chardonnay that’s been hand-picked from the vines on the De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate. There’s none of the big and buttery overload. Instead, it’s peachy and fresh, with a dash of lime and melon, that’s just looking for a home next to your pool and a chicken brochette or a hunk of sourdough bread and a smear of fresh goats cheese.

At a couple of the events, Leanne waxed lyrical about how her husband Steve always whips up a plate of pan-fried John Dory or Flathead whenever they open a bottle of this wine. I’m thinking it’s worth opening a bottle just to see whether this ‘husband effect’ is transferable to the general population. One can only hope. 

db prosecco5. Divici Prosecco

RRP $19.95

Sure, you can get some fantastic Australian Prosecco (particularly from the King Valley) these days, but there’s nothing like upping the glam factor and going for an authentic Italian bubbly once in a while. Particularly when this one is such great value.

It’s light and breezy, with a citrus twist, and is drier than the white sand you’re dreaming of lying on. It would be the ideal bubbly to enjoy with a handsome Italian as he drives you to a cliff top terrace in his vespa at sunset. Or, failing that, just some tasty Italian.