Another working week is coming to a close and you’re ready to hit the town to celebrate! You’ve picked a dress, matched the shoes and purse to perfection, and miraculously you’re even having a rare good hair day.

Or not.

The reality is, most of us feel absolutely knackered on a Friday night and the thought of going out can seem more daunting than the effort required to scrub up.


Which is probably why “Friday night pizza night” is a universally understood dietary pattern of the adult Australian.

So, when you’re getting ready to dial the home delivery number this Friday night, make sure you also pop by the bottle shop and pick up one of these beauties to turn “Pizza Night” into a splendiferous occasion.

Which are the best wines for pizza?

1. Sangiovese

Why? Because when you order pizza from the source (no, not from Giovanni at your local takeaway, we’re talking Italy here) this is what Italians would drink with it. Heard of Chianti? That’s Sangiovese. And contrary to what Silence of the Lambs may have taught you about wine, it’s best served with pizza – not fava beans.

Sangiovese is grippy, acidic, herbaceous and savoury – probably all the things you usually try and avoid when relaxing with a nice glass of wine. It’s not easy drinking on its own. But precisely because of all these traits, it is a cracking match for cheesy, salty, tangy, herby pizza and is completely transformed into a thing of beauty when enjoyed together in the same mouthful.

Try this one: Tar & Roses Sangiovese 2012 RRP $25.00

2. Fiano

Why? Because you want something white and cold, even when everyone tells you that pizza and red wine are the best match. (And they’re wrong anyway. White wines can be a great match for pizza!)

Fiano – also Italian – is making huge in-roads here in Australia, largely thanks to it’s uncanny ability to thrive in hot places.

It’s intensely refreshing and zingy, but also quite strongly flavoured and textural, possessing enough character to stand up to the big tastes of pizza.

Don’t be mistaken – it’s certainly not overly sophisticated – but there’s definitely more complexity and length than a Kardashian marriage. Absolutely stunning when matched with pizza bianco (white pizza), garlic and herb pizza, and anything with anchovies.

Try this one: Ducks in a Row Fiano 2011 RRP $25.00

3. Off-dry Riesling

If you have kids, then chances are you’ll probably be munching on some good ol’ ham and pineapple at some stage during the evening (just don’t call it “Hawaiian”. There is no way on Gods green earth that anybody in Hawaii is actually eating this.)

In which case, it’s time to pull out the off-dry Riesling. While there’s a lot of new style, bone dry Riesling being touted at the moment (including by us), there’s no need to diss the off-dry style altogether. We’re not talking Nanna’s cloying cask Riesling here. Think floral, layered and elegant with just a small touch of residual sugar that makes everything hum.

Try this one: Leo Buring Eden Valley Medium Dry Riesling 2012 RRP $19.00

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  1. Teresa

    Sangiovese – Chapel Hill or Coriole are my favs x Teresa

  2. Teresa

    Sangiovese – Chapel Hill or Coriole are my favs x Teresa

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