The best wine to drink when you’re down the swings

Fabulous Ladies Wine Review – DOUBLE REVIEW:

See Saw Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2011 &

Swings & Roundabouts Cabernet Merlot 2010

When you’re a mother with young children, you regularly find yourself down the swings at your local park. Okay, it’s more than regularly. You’re there a LOT. Certainly a lot more than you’d ever thought you’d be.

And it’s not just because you’re trying to get your kids outside more, or you’re wanting to expose them to the physical challenges they need to develop those all important gross motor skills.

No. It’s because, when you’re at the park, they don’t need to talk to you.

While they delight in crawling up, jumping off, sliding down and tunnelling through all the apparatus, they rarely – barely – remember that you’re actually there at all. Bliss.

When you’re cooped up with those little cherubs in the house, the sound of those toothless mouths whinging, complaining and begging for more peanut butter toast is enough to drive the most sane woman to despair.

So heading down for some time in the park is an activity that not only pleases the kidlets, but also provides much needed silence for us mums.

Best of all there’s usually other mums craving for a bit of peace too, and hence what develops is a lovely bit of park comraderie. The outside world thinks we’re being great parents. And together we think we might just survive another day.

Sometimes, to spice things up a bit at our local park, we ditch the coffee run and instead one of us brings a sneaky bottle of wine. Not all the time. Just occasionally. And it instantly makes the day seem special.

Here’s two bottles we’ve enjoyed lately that just scream “Take me to the park!”

See Saw Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Two of Australia’s great wine makers – Andrew Margan (Margan Family Winegrowers) & Hamish MacGowan (Angus The Bull) – have united to create this Semillon Sauvignon Blanc under the label “See Saw”. They’ve brought together Semillon from the Hunter Valley with Sauvignon Blanc from the high altitude vineyards of the Central Ranges in Victoria. And the result – if the reaction from the mums at our park are anything to go by – is one delicious little drop.

We reckon it’s one of the very best SSB blends we’ve tried. It’s crisp, fresh and lively, with lime flavours and a teensy weensy bit of passionfruit. Should definitely be drunk outside, in the sunshine. (While actually on one end of a see saw would be even better!)

Price: Around $20 a bottle


Swings and Roundabouts Cabernet Merlot

Swings & Roundabouts Cabernet Merlot 2010

For the red wine lovers out there, this classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the Margaret River region is made to drink now. It’s soft, fruity and has just a little of those suck-in-your-teeth tannins that make you know you’re alive.

We reckon there’s some chocolatey-ness there too. So that’s probably enough to make any of your park mum friends grab a glass and get tasting!

Price: Around $22 a bottle


***NB: Of course, while we love our wine, to remain fabulous a girl must always drink in moderation – and this goes double when supervising children!