The perfect cheese platter

What a week it has been, I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground.  Lucky me, I’ve been jet setting all around Australia.  For work and for pleasure.

I won’t bore you with work so let’s get straight to pleasure! Being a New South WelshWOMAN I enjoyed a public holiday last Monday.  Every October long weekend I know that I have to put aside time for my wonderful friend Mattina’s birthday.

Mattina won’t mind me telling you that this year was one of those years where birthdays must be celebrated in style surrounded by good friends, good food and good wine. Mattina demanded this year be special and decided that the Barossa was the perfect place to ring in the next decade of life.  So 22 of us (yes 22, some might say it is a measure of the friend…others may say it was the draw of the Barossa that drew so many…) packed our bags and headed south for a weekend of wine tasting, food, dancing…and then it gets a bit hazy!

So this week’s food piece was inspired by my meandering through the valley, sipping wine and enjoying long lunches – and plenty of cheese boards. It got me thinking…just what makes the perfect cheese platter?

Everybody loves a cheese platter.  They are so easy to throw together, but how do you make it amazing?

How to prepare the perfect cheese platter

I am not going to tell you what cheeses to serve as we all have our favourites and in my opinion your favourites should always have their place on your cheese platter!  Hopefully there are some tips and ideas here to make it just little bit more fun and different

  1. Select  3-4 different types of cheeses and serve 25 grams of cheese per person
  2. Then get ready to excite the senses.
  3. Visually – use different shaped cheeses, different types of  breads and crackers and get some colour on that plate with dried fruits, relish and perhaps some visually exciting cheeses like a ash covered goats cheese or a Lestershire red
  4. Texturally – Mix up the texture of the cheeses with soft and hard.  Use fresh and dried fruits and throw some nuts or a pate on the side for good measure
  5. Touch – provide more than one knife!  There nothing more fun that watching loads of people attack your platter. I want mine to look like a train wreck when everybody is done
  6. Smell – some cheeses do this job for you but if you want to sweeten things up a little bit some marinated fruits on the plate or some rosemary flowers will do the job

I know I am going to enjoy one of these on the weekend, now the only decision I have to make is which of this month’s wines will I have with my platter!

One last shout out to Mattina without whom I would have had the Barossa to inspire – Happy Birthday Mattina you don’t look a day over 39.

Michelle x

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