The Best Wines for Summer Sipping

Now that summer has well and truly arrived in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to start thinking about what to drink as the mercury begins to soar. Not all wines are designed to be slurped in the heat of the day. But these ones are…

summer wine


A crisp, dry Riesling is arguably the perfect white wine to drink over summer. Lots of beautiful citrus acidity and nicely aromatic, it goes wonderfully with the bounty of fresh seafood available at this time of year. Also pair it with spicy Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

A hot day in the middle of an Australian heat wave is the perfect time to enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh and fruity with lots of passionfruit and lychee, it’s the ideal wine variety to quench your thirst and help you deal with the heat.

Sav Blanc is most refreshing while it’s young, so pick up a bottle from your favourite winery, chill it down and drink it with friends. It’s a great wine to take to a summer party and enjoy on a warm evening with music playing and memories being made!

Look for an Australian style. The Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley make restrained Sauvignon Blanc that are still fresh and fruity, but not so over the top. If you prefer a blend, Margaret River makes some amazing Sauvignon Blanc Semillon.


A slightly sparkling Moscato is great when you want a lower alcohol version of sparkling wine. It’s sweetness is refreshing, and great as an early starting wine, particularly if you are planning on having a few drinks at lunch or early in the afternoon. The sweetness is lovely on a really hot day, when you need something to help lift you up, without making you too sleepy.

Moscato can be harder to match with food, although it is nice with salty cured meats. Think prosciutto wrapped around juicy, ripe rockmelon.


A delicious pink Rosé is perfect to enjoy in the summer. And whether you prefer your pink wine sweet or savoury and dry, both are equally enjoyable in the heat.

Beaujolais / Gamay 

Beaujolais, from the French region of Burgundy, is made with the Gamay grape variety. This lighter style red wine is best drunk when it is young and fruity. Serve it chilled with a picnic or lighter style foods when the weather is hot and you just want something simple and tasty. If you prefer a wine made closer to home, Rutherglen and the King Valley in Victoria also produce some lovely Gamay.

Other light bodied reds

Pinot Noir and young Grenache are both lovely when a little bit chilled. Put them in the fridge for just 30 minutes or so (no longer though or otherwise they’ll get too cold). A little chill will still allow the fruit flavours to shine through, without that hot alcohol taste.

Wine cocktails

Wine cocktails are a great way to cool down. Adding juices and some fruit to either still or sparkling wine makes a refreshing drink that’s a little bit more special.

Pimp up a glass of Pinot Grigio with a dash of Aperol, soda water and a lemon slice for a Venetian style Aperol Spritz or try our recipe for Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria using sparkling red wine.