Tennis fans drink more Champagne

This year spectators at Wimbledon – the most prestigious of tennis Grand Slams – will polish off around 28,000 bottles of Champagne during the tournament. (Yes, we wish we were there too…)

Roger Federer, who is sponsored by Moet et Chandon. Source: Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe

However, the folk at research firm Roy Morgan confirmed today in their latest study that it’s not only the Brits who’ll be guzzling the good stuff as they ogle Federer’s biceps.

Turns out, Australian tennis fans – both players and spectators – sip more sparkling wine than other folk. Just take a load of this: In the year to March 2014, 21% of Australians 18+ who play tennis and 21% of those who watch it on TV drank Champagne or sparkling wine in an average four-week period, making both groups 33% more likely than the average Aussie adult (16%) to do so.

Turns out, if you play or watch tennis you’re a third more likely to have some bubbly in your glass. In fact, you’re 10% more likely to have a wine glass in your hand, full stop.

But bubbles aren’t even essential. The study found found that tennis fans just drink more wine of all kinds. 51% of tennis players and 52% of spectators drink it in any given four weeks, compared with 42% of the total 18+ population.

According to Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, whether this result is due to one’s interest in tennis, or the result of other factors is debatable. “Aussies who play tennis are 51% more likely than the average Australian to earn incomes of $100,000+, which also happens to be the income level of those most likely to drink sparkling wine/Champagne in an average four-week period,” said Mr Morris. Ah, so money could be the real factor here.

“Sadly, our data does not reveal the likelihood of an Australian winning Wimbledon 2014.”

Boom tish. Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2013 – March 2014 NB: The term “tennis fans” not only refers to the 5,724,000 who watch it on TV but also the 1,202,000 Aussie adults who play tennis themselves.