Taltarni Fume Blanc 2011

When is it not the perfect occasion to open a bottle of Sav Blanc? They’re fresh, they’re reliably satisfying and they’re everything you could ever want in a man  wine.Taltarni Fume Blanc 2012

But one thing they’re generally not is complex. This wine changes the game, and shows that Sav B can be more layered, luscious and interesting than you have ever imagined.

The Lowdown

Incredibly, Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t come from New Zealand. (Spooky, huh?) Like all  worthy fashions of the modern age, it originates from France, and this version from  Taltarni blends grapes from Tassie & Victoria to make a classically French style.

There’s plenty of the heady, tropical fruit and citrus flavours we love, but reigned in and given understated elegance. There’s even some toastiness thanks to a wee bit of time  hanging out in French oak barrels. In your mouth it’s creamier and fuller than the average Savvy B and keeps throwing up little suprises – like rifling through your handbag always does.

Drink With

Enjoy with a roasted beetroot, goats cheese and walnut salad.

Rating: 4/5




Price: Around $23.00