Good morning Sweet Pea! Sweet Pea Moscato 2012 Spring Seed Wine Co.

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: Spring Seed Wine Company – Sweet Pea Moscato 2012

Champagne breakfast. Is there anything better? There are few things more decadent or truly fabulous than starting the day with a glass of fine bubbly.

Sometimes though, the rich, toasty and complex flavours of Champagne are not what you want to face first thing in the morning. (Especially not when you’ve already had a…ahem..’memorable’ Saturday night.)

But that doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with tomato juice. We wouldn’t hear of it!

A Moscato like this delicate and not-too-sweet offering from the Spring Seed Wine Company is the ultimate breakfast or brunch tipple, and a thoroughly enjoyable way to start (or finish!) any weekend.

It’s fresh, light, fruity, and laden with the tantalisingly exotic flavours of rosewater, turkish delight and blood orange. While there is some sweetness there, it’s certainly nothing overdone, and is welcomingly refreshing. As is the well balanced palate.

The LowDown

This Moscato is made using Muscat à Petits Grains (‘muscat with small berries’ is the loose French translation) or as it is more commonly known here in Australia ‘Red Frontignac’. The vines, in South Australia’s McLaren Vale region, are fully certified ‘A’ grade organic by Australian Certified Organic.

It’s naturally low in alcohol – 6.5% – and has just a subtle spritz so you won’t get bubbles up your nose first thing in the morning.

Drink With

While you can enjoy this Moscato any time of day, it really is the perfect morning tipple. Serve well chilled in an ice bucket with fresh fruit platters, baskets piled high with freshly baked pastries, and blinis topped with chevre and finely chopped spring onions.

Oh, and it’s organic darlinks. So you can drink it for your health, non?

Price: Around $20.00

Rating: 3 ½ A deliciously good wine




Available from: Good independent retailers, some online stores and direct from