Chardonnay at 4 O’Clock? Yes Please! – Spring Seed Wine Company Four O’Clock Chardonnay 2011

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Spring Seed Wine Company Four O’Clock Chardonnay 2011


Sitting in the glorious winter sunshine with friends, over a relaxed Sunday lunch. Should’ve actually been washing the car and pulling weeds from the garden, but…oh well.

What’s the deal?

There’s a lot being written right now about organic and natural wines. And with good reason. Organic wines – those that have been produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or any other form of bad-karma inducing methods – can potentially be the most delicious wines you ever taste.

But they can just as likely strip your taste-buds off and hang them up with piano wire.

This fab little Chardonnay from Spring Seed Wine Co. is of the former variety. Tasty, fresh, clean and oh-so-moreish.

It’s vibrant and fresh, with a lovely drink-ability, and I’d place it right down at the crisp and fruity end of the Chardonnay spectrum. It actually reminded me of a young Pinot Gris more than a big, classic Chardy! The fact that no oaking was used in the wine making process also helps it retains more of it’s natural, grapey flavours.

The word that I really want to keep using to describe it is ‘soft’. While that’s not usually an adjective that grabs a gal’s interest, it’s a wonderful thing when it comes to wine. And it’s a word I rarely use to describe Chardonnay.

The Spring Seed Wine Company labels are something to behold too – they’re  inspired by vintage flower seed packets created at the turn of the last century. Very pretty and a beautiful bottle to present at any lunch with friends.

Drink with?

The fresh, light “aliveness” of this wine will mean it pairs well with a wide range of food. My perfect match would be a grilled haloumi and fennel salad with plenty of lemon and parsley. What a completely orgasmic thought…

Drink when?

You want an afternoon tipple of course! Or anytime you want to share a wonderful bottle with friends and support our organic wine producers – the ones who are doing it totally right.


A complete bargain at $18 a bottle.

Available from?

Some of the better bottle shops do stock it (and why wouldn’t you! Wish more did.) It’s also available online via their parent company Battle of Bosworth