Six super Sauvignon Blancs under $20

Six super Savvy B's for Summer (5)1. De Bortoli Deen Series Vat 5 Sauvignon Blanc 2014

RRP $12.90

Who doesn’t like a wee little (translation: ginormous) tipple of Sauvignon Blanc on a sweltering afternoon? All that tropical fruit and crisp finish. It’s as though it was invented to keep us all refreshed and peachy keen. Great for putting on a happy face all school holidays long…

I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t instantly taken a liking to this clean, fresh, crisp Savvy B from those purveyors of universally good value wine – De Bortoli. Sure, it’s not complex – but neither is a Friday afternoon down at the swings. Spread out the picnic rug, smile as you watch little Bronte or Riley topple down the slide for the upteen millionth time and top up your glass.

2. Winesmiths Sauvignon Blanc 2014

RRP $18.99 for 2L cask

Savvy B in a box. I know what you’re thinking….we’ve sipped too many today and we’re off our rocker. But don’t let your small minded boxism cause you to underestimate this wine.

This is more than merely ‘drinkable’. It’s seriously delicious. It’s a striped one piece bathing suit – exuding restrained tropical enjoyment – rather than a g-string bikini that screams passionfruit and pineapple cocktails slurped from a giant and flamboyantly decorated mason jar. (Something so many cheap Sauvignon Blancs are guilty of.)

winesmiths sav b

Sit back under your giant Audrey Hepburn sunglasses and sip it slowly from the deck chair. Because of the bladder it’s in, you can keep it for at least a week without it getting spoiled as air can’t reach the wine. But there won’t be any danger of that happening…

3. Bremerton ‘Betty & Lu’ Sauvignon Blanc 2014

RRP $17.00

Is there nothing those two Willson sister’s can’t do? The only sister-run winery in Australia just keeps getting it right, and their latest vintage of Savvy B is no exception.

Bright, fresh, and steely, with a late hit of kiwi and melon, and a finish that’s bouncier than Kate Middleton’s hair. Get’s the appetite going, so make sure you’ve got the large bag of Kettle chips at the ready.

4. Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2013

RRP $17.99 

Of course you can’t talk Sauvignon Blanc without talking New Zealand. This one I was lucky enough to taste at a recent New Zealand wines masterclass and it really knocked my socks off. It’s from Marlborough, Jim, but not as we know it. It’s more…well….it’s just MORE. More elegant, more persistent, more exciting, and more minerally than most others from the region.

The talented Jules Taylor grew up in Marlborough, and is now mum to two young boys. So she’s uniquely positioned to fully understand just how important Sauvignon Blanc is to the motherhood of the western world. And you can taste it in every delectable and mood improving sip.

5. Rymill The Yearling Sauvignon Blanc 2014

RRP $15.00 

Sav B from Coonawarra? Who’d have thunk it! But let me tell you that this fresh and sassy little number hitched up her skirts, waggled her patooty and got our full attention at a recent Sav B blind tasting we did here at Fabulous HQ.

Zesty is the word for this wine. Lime, lemon and grapefruit abound, with loads of fresh and tangy passionfruit and melon, a herby punch and a rich, fullness in the mouth that makes it superb drinking with food. I’m thinking I’d like to take her on a date and order her a plate of crab cakes.

6. Mandala Sauvignon Blanc 2013

RRP $20.00

And now for something completely different. A Sauvignon Blanc from the Yarra Valley. Possibly not an area that you automatically associate with Sauvignon Blanc, but Mandala is certainly trying to change our thinking on that.

This is a wine I want to drink at a garden party. It’s crisp, clean and filled with the delicate aromas and flavours of lemongrass, hay, freshly cut grass and honeydew melon. It’s elegant and sleek rather than fresh and bright. Think Liv Tyler rather than Emma Stone.

A Mandala is a round spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. After a couple of glasses of this you’re a guru.