It made us dance! Schild Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2011

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: Schild Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2011

We’ve tried a lot of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (or SSB) lately, and I’ve got to say that all too frequently I’m disappointed.

They’re regularly thrown at us because they’re so often created and marketed as a “ladies wine” (quotation marks intended).

SSB’s are meant to be drunk young and fresh – but all too often they’ve been thrown together and raced to market with little thought for the actual wine drinker. The tragedy is that by combining the best elements of those two great whites there is so much potential for an SSB to be an amazing wine.

So I’ll admit to you now that I’m doing a little dance around the room in-between writing this (and I’m not alone – we’re all doing a little jig with a glass of this in hand!). At last! A Semillon Sauv Blanc I’m genuinely thrilled to drink! And at such an incredibly good price too.

This cheeky 2011 offering from Schild Estate is light, fruity, unpretentious, oh-so-easy-to-drink, but rejoicingly dry with a refreshing little kick. There’s enough going on to make it interesting, but not too much to mean you need to think too hard about it (usually a good thing when you’re ready to have a good time and just enjoy a drink!).

With the weather warming up and the party season starting, this is definitely an SSB blend you need to seek out and find.

The Low Down

Schild Estate- who have been in the Barossa since 1952 – have paired Semillon from the Barossa with Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills to create this juicy offering. The Semillon is what gives this wine a lovely feel in the mouth, while the tropical fruit flavours flow abundantly thanks to the elegant, clean and crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Drink With

A big bucket of prawns or a hunk of baguette smeared with brie and chilli infused-caramelised onion. And some seriously fun dance tunes blaring from the stereo.

Rating: 4 1/2 Great Wine!! (Takes into account aroma, flavour and value for money)




Price: Outrageously good value at around $15.00

Available from: as well as some other online retailers.

(Reviewed by: Jane Thomson)