Savvy B takes centre stage at the International Sauvignon Blanc Symposium


Australia has a love-hate relationship with Sauvignon Blanc. Consumers LOVE it, especially women and they especially adore New Zealand Savvy B (which we import more of than any other white wine). And what’s not to love? It’s fruity, herbaceous, refreshing and consistent in style. While those in the Australian wine industry (predominantly men) tend to turn up their noses at it, even subjecting the variety to public ridicule when given half a chance.

But Sauvignon Blanc is finally getting it’s time in the sun, with the first International Sauvignon Blanc Symposium being held in Marlborough, New Zealand (where else?!) from 1 – 3 February 2016.

Over 300 guests and delegates from 18 countries will hear from some of the world’s most renowned wine writers and educators, and have the opportunity to taste over 400 wines.

I am lucky enough to be among them. I’ll also be speaking about the state of the Sauvignon Blanc market in Australia on Day 3 at a morning session which has been superbly called I’ll have what she’s having

The symposium will provide a chance for all of us to explore the regional characteristics expressed in Sauvignon Blanc wines from eight different countries. The event will see Sauvignon Blanc from around New Zealand stand alongside examples from Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Australia, America and Austria. The unique styles from each country and region will be compared, the history of the variety unearthed, and its likely future direction debated.

During the event, attendees will be taken on a deep dive into the winemaking techniques used and resulting wines produced from New Zealand’s most popular grape variety. The diversity of styles examined will range from classic stainless steel fermented wines, through to botrytised, wild fermented and oak aged approaches, as well as low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc.

I’m looking forward to three days of sipping nothing but Sauvignon Blanc from all over the globe and networking with the talented people who produce them. Bring it on.