Rowlee Pinot Gris 2014

rowlee pinot gris

Everything about this Orange NSW region winery continues to excite me. And this new Pinot Gris offering is no exception.

Subtlety be thy name. This is a Pinot Gris that is all about restraint and gentleness. Like a classic Chanel suit. There’s no plunging necklines or split leg hems needed in order to draw attention and admiration. Just great design that oozes effortless sophistication.

On the palate there’s just ripe pear, but it’s only the hint of pear. There’s jasmine and gardenia, but only the suggestion of them. Nothing too overpowering. It’s a fragrant, aromatic and delicate wine with a crisp, clean and dry finish. Lighter in body than a more heady Pinot Gris, making it unexpectedly refreshing as well as interesting to drink.

Perfectly paired with a slice of quiche and a green salad.

Seriously delicious. Jump online now and get some from Rowlee Wines direct.

Price: $28

Rating: 4.5/5