Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Shiraz 2012

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Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Shiraz 2012

Ross Hill Wines is one of the larger wineries and cellar door operators in the Orange region of central New South Wales, and yet in the scheme of things it’s still very much a boutique operator with just 17 hectares of vineyard.

Their ‘Pinnacle’ range is (surmisable by the name) their top tier – their luxury range – so this stuff aint for thirsty Thursday leftovers. The Shiraz for this little baby is hand picked by genuine people with genuine hands, and then naturally fermented by wild yeasts in small open fermenters. That means the grape juice is tossed into some big vats and left in the shed for a while with the lid off. This allows the naturally occurring yeasts in the air to start the process of turning it into wine. (Most wine these days has yeast added to control the process, so this is uber traditional and ‘natural’ winemaking.)

It’s then put in small French oak barrels for eighteen month to give it some added pizzaz.

Despite all this lying around (well, truth be told, because of it) this Shiraz is tight. Tight and elegant. Elegant and complex. A bit of a James Bond really. Suave, a little smoky even, with deep concentration of flavour.

A bargain, however, it is not. But then, when has 007 ever looked cheap?

Drink With

Cold roast beef and potato salad – Bond’s favourite. Or a nice piece of venison.

Price: $40.00

Rating: 4/5