A ravishing red for big red lovers – Rockford Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Rockford Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2008


Purchased at the cellar door in Tanunda, Barossa Valley (I know! Jealous much?) and then consumed at my dining table in Sydney when hubby cooked an amazing roast (Ok. Now I KNOW you’re positively green with envy.)


Hubby cooking. Roast meat. There’s your answer.

What’s the deal?

Sometimes people buy wine with the intention of cellaring it and keeping it for a special occasion. It lingers on the shelves, collecting dust, and they put off touching it… waiting for that special moment.

I prefer to get everyone to come to my place for dinner so I’ve always got a fantastic excuse to raid the cellar. After all, being a good host requires me to get out a few bottles and sample them liberally before my guests arrive. Just to be sure they are ready to drink.

Rockford is a winery that you fall in love with at first site. It’s set in in a beautiful stone building in the Barossa Valley. And when you arrive you are greeted – not with pretension and distance (like some cellar doors which I won’t mention) – but warmly and with genuine affection.

While Rockford is best known for its Basket Press Shiraz, this Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon is one I happily discovered on my last visit to their cellar door, and is definitely one that all big red wine lovers (particularly those with a penchant for Cab Sav) should know about.

I could go on about the lively tannins, the bold red-purple colour, the length of the palate – but let me tell you simply why I like this wine. It’s smooth. It’s full bodied – but not overwhelming. It doesn’t bite. It’s consistently good – every year. It’s not something that all your friends will have tried, but when you introduce them to it they will thank you. You can drink it with just about anything. (Okay, so maybe draw the line at a seafood salad. Definitely a no-go) and…well…it just tastes good. Very good. Did I mention it’s shiny-nylon-pants-down-the-slippery-dip smooth?

Drink with?

Anything rich and meaty. I adore drinking this with steaks or roast. Paired with a hot pot in winter makes a great mid-week meal too. Richer pasta dishes go well with this wine as well as game meat. I’ve even been known to crack open a bottle with a pizza from the local store on a Friday night. (Just make sure it’s a damn good pizza!)

Drink when?

There’s a roast in the oven or a stew in the slow cooker, and a wonderful houseful of dinner guests. It’s good to open this weekend, or – if you are one of those cellaring types – you could lay it down for another 4-5 years. (Which does give you another good excuse to purchase it by the case.)


Between $30-$40. Yup, it’s a little on the pricier side, but is worth every drop. Sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge, ya know?

Available from?

Your best bet it to visit the cellar door and buy it directly – after all you’re looking for an excuse  to head to the Barossa right? If you can’t make it to the Barossa this weekend, you can contact Rockford Wines direct on (within Australia) 1800 088 818 or email  info.contact@rockfordwines.com.au. You can also find it via some online retailers like www.CellarIt.com.au. It’s worth the hunt!


The Rockford Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 was reviewed by Sally Williams. As well as being a reviewer for The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, Sally also has her own wonderful blog, www.AGirlAndAGlass.com .