Punt Road Pinot Noir 2012

Pinot Noir is so finicky to grow and produce that it often has a price tag resembling a Prada clutch and choosing a bottle that’s worth the price tag can be a decidedly dangerous gamble. Finding a decent one at the $25 mark is even rarer (just like handbags, non?).

punt road pinot 2012

Like all Pinots, this one from Punt Rd in Victoria’s Yarra Valley is not for lovers of big reds. Instead it’s light, bright and ravishing – a sunny day wine to Cab Sav’s wintery morning – and a bargain example of what the Yarra Valley arguably does best.

The Lowdown

Close your eyes and imagine skipping through the cherry orchard popping bright red fruit into your mouth with the sun on your back and the smell of freshly toiled earth in the air. A little wince will let you know there’s some light tannins, but they play their part in making this Pinot an excellent match with earthy fare like porcini mushroom ravioli.

Drink With

The aforementioned ravioli. Plus, a favourite around here is to enjoy a glass of this Pinot with 70+% cocoa dark chocolate. Try it and weep with the joy of ecstasy.

Price: $25.00

Rating: 3.5/5