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Winmark Chardonnay 2021


We harvested in the cool night air and respected this superb fruit throughout fermentation and maturation with protective and gentle handling. The resultant wine charms with a striking pale lemon hue, bursting with elderflower and white peach aromas. The palate is juicy and intriguing, with stone fruits and ripe Meyer lemon notes supported with elegant spices. Enjoy now or cellar with confidence for up to 5 years.


For half a century, this site has grown exceptional fruit, with a proud history of producing highly acclaimed Chardonnay. In acknowledgement of this, Winmark Wines has devoted the entire estate to Chardonnay. The team of highly skilled and passionate wine experts including viticulturist Liz Riley, vineyard manager Dave Grosser, international wine consultant John Belsham and owner Karin Adcock, are ensuring the road from the vines to the glass is optimised. Our expert vineyard team were able to prepare the vines for the beautiful sunshine of early January, enabling us to harvest fruit in pristine condition. As the Winmark Art Gallery and Sculpture Park continue to grow, now more than ever we are feeling the connection between art, wine and nature. In recognition of this beautiful balance, the Winmark Chardonnay series features artist James Ainslie’s painting titled ‘Far Folded Mist’ that hangs in Winmark gallery. This launches a new direction in Winmark’s labelling.

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