Printhie MC Riesling 2013


Printhie MC Riesling 2013

I felt a twinkle of excitement when opening this wine as I had selected it as my latest tool in an ongoing and rather cunning act of wine deception.

I was lunching with good friends, and avowed ‘anti-Riesling’ drinkers, and didn’t show them the bottle before I poured this gorgeously aromatic pale wine into their glass.

For years I’d been desperately trying to put them back onto Riesling, but I’d had to drop the crusade for some months now as they’d cottoned on to my plan.

Feeling like enough time had lapsed since my last attempt, I handed them their glass. They sipped, and they exhaled with satisfaction. ‘Gorgeous,’ said my friend. ‘What is it?’.

When I told her, she and her partner stopped and stared at each other. Riesling!!

I’d done it! They had enjoyed their first Riesling in years. And how couldn’t they?  I defy anyone not to get immense enjoyment from this elegant, clean and crisp white wine.

Slinkier than Amal Alamuddin in that white pant suit, and with just as much poise and timeless sophistication, this is one Riesling you simply need to get your satin-glove mitts on.  It’s from Printhie, one of our fave producers from Orange in central NSW. And you can taste all that clean country air and crisp spring days in every mouthful.

Drink With

The great thing about this Riesling is that it’s a friend of global food, pairing equally well with a Vietnamese Chicken Salad as with a tasty croque madame. Rating:  4.5/5 4andhalf Price: $26.00 Available from: