Pig in the House Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

pig in the house

Pig in the House Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Winner of the NASAA Certified Organic Wine of the Year this Cab Sav from Cowra in central New South Wales is produced without any hidden nasties. Not only is it Organic, it’s also Certifed Biodynamic too.

Vineyard owners Jason and Rebecca O’Dea, whose family also operate the organic Windowrie Winery, say “Our ultimate desire is to live in a chemical free, sustainable environment producing wine that reflects where we live and what we believe in.” And we’re applauding that!

A young Cab Sav can often leave your lips with more pucker than a post-Botoxed Donatella Versace. But not this one. It’s seductively smooth. Combined with the bright purity of its blackcurrant and earthy flavour, it’s a truly lovely drop to drink.

Price: RRP $25.00 www.piginthehouse.com.au

Rating: 4/5 Great value and tasty Cab Sav.