Get frocked up for this Hollywood glamour Pinot Noir

Fabulous Ladies Wine Review: Picnic by Two Paddocks Pinot Noir 2009


Yesterday, my place. You shoulda been here.


It was 5pm. Need I say more?

What’s the deal?

We love a bit of Hollywood glamour here at The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society, so when we were handed a bottle of Picnic by Two Paddocks Pinot Noir 2009 from the New Zealand winery of actor extrordinaire Sam Neil, we were all in a bit of a swoon.

I adore Pinot Noir. It’s the red wine you drink when you’re not having a red wine. Light and dry, and the tantalising colour of rubies – for me it’s hard to beat. But it’s tricky to find a really decent one at a good price here in Australia. Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of excellent Pinots around, but they tend to be resting on the price rack alongside the Chanel No.5. If I want a nice bottle to enjoy midweek then I’m hard pressed to find one worth buying at weeknight budgets.

[superquote] “…there are plenty of excellent Pinots around, but they tend to be resting on the price rack alongside the Chanel No.5.” [/superquote] It’s for this same reason that Two Paddocks created the Picnic range. To provide a fabulous Pinot at a good price. The Central Otago region of New Zealand is famous for it’s Pinot Noir, and Two Paddocks has already carved out a reputation for the top shelf stuff. Providing an alternative at a lower price is a welcome decision in my books. And if you grab yourself a bottle or 12, you wont’ be sorry.

It’s got all the things I love about pinot, plus it’s smooth and luscious with really obvious berry and plum flavours. I’m a lover of French Burgundy (which, if you don’t already know, is made from Pinot Noir), and I have to say that the Picnic has enough Frenchy flavours to make it really ring my bell. (I’ve since read that they age it in French Oak Barrells, which undoubtedly helps).

Picnic by Two Paddocks used to be hard to come by, but now you can pick it up at several of the big wine retailers, plus you can also order direct Thank goodness for that. How else are we to live up to Two Paddock’s brilliant motto: “You could live a full & happy life without Pinot. But why would you want to?”.

Drink with?

Just about anything. Seriously. That’s the beauty of Pinot Noir. And if you want a really magical food and wine experience, do as it says and take it on your next picnic. It will flourish amidst all the pastry, rich meats and creamy sauces that any good picnic should have!


  1. Lorraine McDonald

    Tried to order direct from website as advised but not possible that I could fathom??

    1. The Fabulous Ladies

      Thanks for letting us know Lorraine! You could when we first wrote that post!

      The good news is that it's readily available in good bottle shops here in Australia. Here's the current list of stockists listed on their website:


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