Who doesn’t like a handsome architect? Philip Shaw ‘The Architect’ Chardonnay 2011

FABULOUS LADIES WINE REVIEW: Philip Shaw ‘The Architect’ Chardonnay 2011



Cafe le Monde, Noosa, Queensland


A family friendly Friday night dinner with the kids on a Noosa weekend

What’s the deal?

When dining out at “family oriented” venues, I’m perpetually disappointed by the hideous offerings on the available wine list.

Which is a shame, because it’s precisely when dining out with young children that a gal NEEDS to have a few glasses of decent wine.

My kids wonder why we never go to a McDonalds? No wine list. Makes the very idea unbearable. If fast food joints offered seriously good wine I’d happily sacrifice the health of my children more often.

So you imagine my delight when we popped into the lovely, relaxed Cafe le Monde in Noosa last weekend, and I enjoyed the nicest glass of Chardonnay I’ve had this year – Philip Shaw’s The Architect Chardonnay 2011.

It just jumped out at me from the wine list. I mean, I’m aware of Philip Shaw and I’m a big fan of Orange wines generally, but who doesn’t want to sidle up next to a nice handsome architect?

[superquote] “Who doesn’t want to sidle up next to a nice handsome Architect?” [/superquote]

The squabble over who got the most chips became increasingly less audible with each sip of this delicate, beautifully structured chardonnay from the Orange region of NSW.

Lov-er-ly citrus and honey flavours, and a teensy bit of oaky yummy-ness, without being too big and buttery.

Philip Shaw is an experienced chap, having been making wines for the last four decades. His vineyard in Orange is one of the highest altitude vineyards in Australia at over 90om.

So what? Well, what that means is that it gets plenty cold. And Chardonnay does enjoy the kiss of an icy winter. The Architect is also made from younger vines (planted in 1995). And – just like a younger man – this makes it taste appealingly tingly and fresh on your tongue.

Drink with?

We thoroughly enjoyed it with a big hot and cold seafood platter. It was a brilliant match for both the crispy, oily fried goods and the more delicate offerings. (And the chips too of course.)

Drink when?

You are trying to ignore the sounds of children at the dinner table. They needn’t be yours…


Holidays, lazy weekends, moments of bliss.

Price: Around $20.

Available from choosier bottle shops and online via www.PhilipShaw.com.au and www.ChambersCellars.com.au