Spice up a dull Thursday night with a Pepperjack Shiraz 2010

FABULOUS LADIES REVIEW: Pepperjack Shiraz 2010

Blah – Thursday night.  You are such a tease.

So close to the weekend, yet still so far.  They say the hardest part of the marathon is the last kilometre.  I feel the same way about Thursday nights.

To liven up my Thursday night I whipped up one of my midweek favourites – Prawn and chorizo pasta with chilli cherry tomato sauce.  I find the chilli and chorizo gives me the energy to go one more day until the weekend.  It really awakens the senses.

Now, for the wine. It needed to be big enough to stand up to the punchy flavours in the dish, but because of the spice it needed to be fruit laden and not loaded with tannins. Shiraz! So I opened the Pepperjack Shiraz 2010 from Saltram Winery in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

The Lowdown

The colour is a gorgeous velvety red – similar to the black-shot red taffeta girls wore to school formals in my younger years.  (Oops – am I showing my age?)

It’s robust, but not particularly tannic, and it’s those luscious, fruity cherry, berry and strawberry top note flavours that are the real stars. The big fruit is balanced by some lovely pepper and spice, with a hint of liquorice too.

Overall, I LOVED it. It was the perfect match for my dinner and, for the price (around $20), I think the Pepperjack Shiraz 2010 is a Barossa Shiraz that’s punching well above it’s weight. I may have just found a way to enjoy my Thursday nights again.

Drink with…

Traditionally, this has been marketed to blokes to eat with their steak.  And while this makes sense – it would be good with a steak – I think it’s just another example of cliche marketing, as it’s definitely one for the gals who like big, fruity Shiraz too.

The deep, full fruit flavours low tannins means it will pair beautifully with lightly spiced foods and meals where full-flavoured roasted, or barbecued red meat is the main feature.

You don’t need to act the cave woman! Just make sure you match it something that can it can talk back to in a fairly assertive flavour conversation.

Price: Around $20, but often you can find it for under $20 in sales and promotions.

Available from: Available at most bottle shops, at the Saltram cellar door or on line at http://www.pepperjack.com.au


(The Pepperjack Shiraz 2010 was reviewed by guest contributor, Yvette McDonald.)


  1. Love this Wine! Love Shiraz!

    1. The Fabulous Ladies

      Isn’t it a great one Mary?! Thanks for agreeing!

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