Yawn. That’s what most people do when they read a wine review these days. Chock full of overused hyperbole and words that – quite frankly – have no relevance to the everyday world of the modern woman, it’s no wonder wine reviews often leave us feeling baffled, excluded and somehow unwelcome in this “insiders” game.

So our wine review system has been created to change all that. Wine is but a drink, is it not? And a drink to be enjoyed, non? So why make it overly complicated?

We rate wines according to their aroma (sniff, sniff), their flavour, and their value for money. Nothing new there.

But instead of using stars, or points, or some other ethereal system of irrelevance, we’re rating wines using a language all women undertstand. Shoes. Well, stilettos to be more exact (just because the play on the “stars” system was too tempting).

Yes, we know. It’s completely over-the-top girly. But we’re doing it with our tongue firmly planted in our cheek. While we’re serious about communicating the joys of wine, we think wine should be a fun and delicious experience for all.

All our wine reviews are proudly independent and we accept no sponsorship or payment for any wine reviews published on this site. So you can be sure that what we say, really is what we mean.

And while we try a lot of wine, you won’t see everything listed in our reviews. There’s two reasons for that;

1. We only publish reviews of wines we think are pretty darn fabulous (meaning that there are a lot of offerings that can’t and won’t end up on our review page, and we make that judgement at our own discretion), and…

2. We’re a small team, and there’s simply not enough hours in the week to write and publish reviews on everything we’d like to, but we’re certainly doing our best to get as many up there as we can.

So head on over now and read a few of our latest wine reviews. And discover something new that’s already been tested by wine-loving fabulous women like you!

And if you’d like to suggest a wine for us to try, please email us at hello@fabulousladieswinesociety.com.


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