Feb 2018

Online Wine Club

Roses are…PINK and WHITE! This month we’re getting our romance on with Atze’s Corner ‘Wild Rose’ 2017 Vermentino & ‘Wild Rose’ 2017 Rosé. 

  • Twin-pack $60.00 $48.00
  • Six (3 of each) $144.00 $120.00
  • Dozen (6 of each) $275.00 $225.00

Offer expires Wed 28 Feb 2018

Feb 2018

Online Wine Club

Roses are…PINK and WHITE. We’re sipping the Wild Rose range from Atze’s Corner.

  • Twin-pack $60.00 $48.00
  • Six (3 of each) $144.00 $120.00
  • Dozen (6 of each) $275.00 $225.00

Offer expires Wed 28 Feb 2018

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Whether on your own, or in the company of friends, our monthly online wine club is a brilliant and easy way to discover and try new wines that we think are pretty darned fabulous. How does the online wine club work? Read this!

Why we love these wines

Named after the glorious fields of wild roses that surround the Barossa vineyards from which these wines come from, this duo are a brand-new release for Atze’s Corner and we’re some of the very first to get our hands on them. Both are refreshingly light and breezy with glorious fruit flavours and thirst quenching acidity, and only a limited quantity have been produced. They’re a late summer love affair waiting to happen.

Who are Atze's Corner?

Atze’s Corner was founded in 2005 by a sixth generation Barossa vigneron, Andrew Kalleske. But in Andy’s own words, it’s his mum Barb who is “the BOSS”. She’s also the important, take-no-prisoners viticulturist ensuring that those vines are whipped into shape, producing only the very best grapes for her son’s wines. This is a family who intimately know and love their piece of Barossa land, and produce wines to delight the heart.

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Discover more about these two wines

Atze’s Corner 2017 Vermentino

Variety: Vermentino
Region: Barossa, SA
RRP: $25.00 as at 30/01/2018

When it comes to romance, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the new. And if you’re not yet familiar with vermentino, then allow us to introduce you to a fresh, zesty and citrussy variety that likes things HOT. Originally from the mediterranean, he’s thriving in the warm and sunny Barossa. But his thirst quenching acidity, dry finish, and lingering flavours of honeysuckle and peach, is where his real charm lies. Match him with decadent seafood platter for two or just a blanket and a view.

Atze’s Corner 2017 Rosé

Variety: Grenache/Garnacha (90%) and Graciano (10%)
Region: Barossa
RRP: $25.00 as at 30/01/18

Few live life with greater passion than the Spanish. And here two of their vinous heroes – grenache (garnacha) and graciano unite to create a delicate pink ode to love. Nuzzle up and breathe in the intoxicating aromas of juicy watermelon, lychee and a little fresh basil. Once on the lips though it transforms into a passionate kiss of sweet strawberries which quickly give way to tangy, tart red currant and cranberry. The crisp, dry finish leaves you wanting to lean in for more. Serve with a platter of charcuterie and the promise of another course to come.

How do you do the online wine club?

It’s like a book club, but with WINE! We provide a great deal each month on two of our faves direct from the fabulous producer. You simply grab them and try them! Join the wine tasting revolution and have loads of fabulous fun along the way.

Make up your own mind!

Create your own wine review

We think doing the online wine club is a great way to learn about and discover new wines. So make sure you take the chance to note down what you like and don’t like about the wines you try using our fabulous wine scoring card. Use it along with the tasting notes while you’re trying each wine!

How do I purchase these wines?

Enjoy buying the wines direct from the producer! By purchasing your wine direct you’re supporting real people making gorgeous wines. Simply purchase your wines by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ links and you’ll be taken to the winery’s website to make your selection.

DISCLAIMER: All wines are purchased directly from the winery and The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society takes no commissions from sales. Hence, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society does not take any responsibility for ordering systems, payments and wine delivery as these are the sole responsibility of the winery.