The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society is a fun, relaxed place for women to learn about, enjoy and simply revel in the wonderful world of wine!

Each month we run an online wine club, where we present you with a fabulous deal on two wines from one of our favourite producers – which you can get delivered to your door as a twin pack (yup, just one of each to try!), six pack or whole dozen. Usually with FREE delivery within Australia!

You can opt to make the purchase each month – or not. There’s no monthly subscription, just lots of fun and a great way to try new wines while supporting our wonderful producers directly.

But isn’t everything always more fun when we get together in real life and do it with our friends? Voila! We bring you The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Club! Here’s how to do it…

It’s like a big book club – but with WINE!

A great deal on two wines each month

Every month our online wine club recommends two fabulous wines for you to try, we make those available to you direct from the producer, and create fun and fabulous tasting notes and review cards for you to download and use when you’re trying the wines.

Invite some fabulous friends to join you

You can turn the whole experience into a real life wine club by holding your very own wine club meeting each month. Just get some friends together, order the wines of the month to be delivered to your door, and then download the fabulous and fun Tasting Notes and Scoring Cards and you’re all set!

Plan a fabulous wine get together each month!

Choose a special day to get together every month, or just do a tasting now and then. Invite a big group along, or just a few select friends.

Whatever you decide we’ve got everything you need right here to create your very own Fabulous Ladies Wine Club! So what are you waiting for? Get planning your first get together right now!

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