Welcome to Australia’s online women’s wine club. It’s like a big ol’ fashioned book club – but with WINE!

What’s the online wine club?

Our online wine club is like a book club – but with wine! Each month our chief fabulous ladies select two wines from one of our favourite wineriesWe then work directly with that winery to make those two wines available for you to purchase as a two-pack (or six pack, or dozen) delivered to your door. Usually with FREE delivery within Australia! Then we get online and talk about them together with our fabulous community (that’s you!) during the month.

You can choose to buy the wines each month – or not. It’s up to you. There’s no subscription or monthly credit card deductions. Just a great offer each month on two wines we love and think you should try.

During the month we tell you all about the beautiful people who produced those wines and why we love them. We even create fun tasting notes and a tasting video for you to use when you try them, plus FREE wine scoring cards so you can create your own review!

How do you do the online wine club?


Two Wines To Try

Each month our chief fab ladies choose two wines from one of our favourite producers.


Direct from the producer

Those two wines are made available at a fabulous price for you to try direct from the producer- usually with FREE delivery!


Last Wednesday of the month

The offer goes live on the last Wednesday of the month. You click on the link to buy – just choose your pack size: twin, 6 or 12.


Learn More About Wine

Watch the tasting video & download your tasting notes to learn more about the two wines and who makes them.


Join the discussion

Taste the wines, use the score card to make up your own mind & join the online discussion! Discover new wines & support our producers directly. #loveyourwinemakers


On your own OR with friends

You can do the online wine club on your own OR you can get the girls together and start your very own fabulous ladies wine club! (We can help you with that too.)

We select two wines we think you’ll love. You just choose your pack size. 

No need to buy a whole dozen unless you want to! (But why wouldn’t you at these great prices?) Each of the producers we work with in our online wine club offers a TWIN PACK – one of each wine – so you can taste the two wines without having to break the bank. So you can spend more on shoes, oui?

Become a member. It's FREE.

Our members get everything they need for the online wine club sent straight to their inbox. You can too when you join now. It’s FREE! Fabulous, huh?

Two wines delivered to your door, for you to try, from one of our favourite wineries. How fabulous is that?

You’ve got the whole month to buy and try the wines. It doesn’t have to happen on any particular day. Once you’ve tasted and scored the wines you can join in the discussion online by posting your comments on social media using the hashtag #fabladieswine.

You participate how it suits you

You can be part of the online wine club on your own from the comfort of home, or you can form a wine club group with friends who meet together each month. You can purchase the wines every month (and we hope you do!) or just every now and then. Whatever you decide, it’s so much fun and you’ll learn more about wine at the same time.

No subscription needed!

The great thing about the online wine club is that there’s no subscription and no monthly credit card deductions. Just two recommendations every month of wines we love from fabulous Australian wine producers. You can choose to purchase and have them delivered for you to try – or not. IT’S UP TO YOU!

Start a Fabulous Ladies Wine Club!

Why should all the fun be virtual? Get together with the girls and host your own Fabulous Ladies wine tasting event each month. There are groups meeting all over Australia! The online wine club is a great excuse to form your very own relaxed and friendly wine club. Find out more here.


Belong to a book club? Add the wine club to it!

If you’re already part of a book club or other group that meets regularly why not include the Fabulous Ladies Online Wine Club into the group? You always knew book club was about the wine anyway, right?!

Got any questions? Need any help?

We want this whole experience to be completely FABULOUS so if you need any assistance, want to ask a question, or if you’d like to give us some feedback to improve how we do things then please email hello@fabulousladieswinesociety.com or head over and leave a message on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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