Online Wine Club May 2016 Lake Breeze

Whether on your own, or in the company of friends, our monthly online wine club is a brilliant and easy way to discover and try new wines that we think are pretty darned fabulous. How does the online wine club work? Read this!

Winery of the Month – Lake Breeze

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Pictured: Greg Follett (winemaker) and Robyn Follett (Marketing Manager) of Lake Breeze

Langhorne Creek. It’s one of those places most people have heard of, but when you’re asked to point to it on the map…well…um…

But this is a region (an hour’s drive south east of Adelaide) that produces some of Australia’s best value, high quality wine. And Lake Breeze are one of the main reasons this region should be firmly on your favourites list. The Follett family, who run Lake Breeze, have been growing grapes in Langhorne Creek for over 120 years. Winemaker Greg Follett – who was a finalist in the 2015 Gourmet Traveller Wine Winemaker of the Year Award – selects only the best 25% of fruit from the older vines for their wines, the majority of which are between 40 and 45 years old. Because, as we all know, you produce your best after the age of 40, right? 

Don’t miss this chance to try two of their lesser known but highly awarded wines. The Section 54 Shiraz is usually only available in good restaurants! And the Vermentino is stealing the show wherever she goes. This month, you have the chance to try both these very special wines made by these truly talented and gorgeous people.

You can read more about why we think they’re fabulous right here.

Wines of the Month


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Here’s where the fun starts…

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Download the Tasting Notes – Lake Breeze Vermentino 2015 (RRP $18)

Sometimes it’s the texture that makes it special. The calf hair on those shoes. the fur collar on that winter coat, the scales on that crocodile leather handbag (you wish). The same goes for wine. There’s Vermentino. But then there’s THIS Vermentino, with texture.

Download the Tasting Notes – Section 54 Shiraz 2013 (RRP $25)

Have you ever slipped on a pair of soft, kid leather gloves? It’s a feeling of luxurious indulgement second only to nuzzling Chris Hemsworth’s chest (what, you haven’t done that??). Yet, while they exude sophistication and elegance, they don’t come with a hefty price tag. Just like this wine.

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Lake Breeze Vermentino & Block Heel Taupe Ankle Boot with texture! 

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Section 54 Shiraz & Suede Nude Pump Heel

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How do I purchase the wines of the month?

Enjoy buying the wines direct from Lake Breeze! By purchasing your wine direct from the producer you’re supporting real people making gorgeous wines. Simply purchase your wines by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ links above and you’ll be taken to the Lake Breeze website to make your selection.

DISCLAIMER: All wines are purchased directly from the winery and The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society takes no commissions from sales. Hence, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society does not take any responsibility for ordering systems, payments and wine delivery as these are the sole responsibility of the winery.