Oliver’s Taranga Tempranillo 2013

Oliver's Taranga Tempranillo

Oliver’s Taranga Tempranillo 2013

I was lucky enough to score a sneaky try of this wine prior to it’s release, and I gotta say, the minute it comes onto the market (which should be quite soon!) you need to get hold of some from those clever clogs at Oliver’s Taranga.

Seriously juicy-licious, soft and ready to dance the Paso Doble. This wine is a romantic matador rather than a bullfighter with bravado. 

The palate offers up a whole berry cart of lusciousness, and a pinch of spice, with barely there tannins that do enough to thrill without sticking it’s tongue in your ear.

Add wood fired pizza and a salad for extreme happiness.

RRP $32.00

Rating 4.5/5 Seriously great wine