Oliver’s Taranga Chica Mencia Rose 2015

chica rose

Chica-boom! As someone who normally steers clear of dark, ruby pink Rosés this one is an absolute game changer. That’s because it’s an illusionist. It promises Turkish delight and morello cherry on the nose, and you expect it to be all syrupy, but then it delivers red currant and freeze dried strawberries on the palate – tangy and tart. And DRY!

It’s full bodied but drier than a Spaghetti western with a good acid kick and a super clean finish. Mencia is a Spanish red variety that is brand new to Australia and Corrina Wright at Oliver’s Taranga making it into a Rosé is just the sort of genius I would expect from that Chica.

Warning: You may break out into some Flamenco after several sips. Olé!

Price: $24 available from Oliver’s Taranga

Rating: 3.5/5 Very, VERY good wine