No online wine club for January

Hey there online wine clubbers! Just a reminder that, as we’re all busy lying on a beach somewhere at  this time of year, there are no wines of the month for January.

The first online wine club for 2014 will kick off on the first Wednesday in February, and will then be on the first Wednesday of every month through to December.

For all you regulars, if you’re still keen to meet with your group in January then just go ahead and pick a previous month/year and try those wines instead! The vintages may be different, and some of the flavours and aromas may have subtle differences from previous years, but most of the info about the wines (e.g. who makes it, where it’s from etc) will remain unchanged. You will just have to work harder to identify those great flavours!

If you’ve been thinking for a while about starting your own Fabulous Ladies Wine Club, then you’ve now got a whole extra month to get organised and start your group for 2014! There are already loads of groups meeting every month all over Australia – from Townsville to Perth and Byron Bay to Adelaide. Get your own group of friends together to be part of the fun and learn more about wine at the same time.

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