Murray Street Vineyards Gomersal Estate Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012

2012 Gomersal

Coconut. Vanilla. Cola. Cherries. No this is not the latest Cadbury Marvellous Creations. But it is a treat of utterly decadent proportions.

This $55 a bottle Barossa shiraz is big on flavour. In fact, it’s big on everything. There’s nowhere to hide from the intensity of aroma and flavour, and the rich, dark purple colour, but that’s why it’s also so loveable. It could just be the perfect bear skin rug red wine. Comforting, rich and warm. At 15% alcohol it won’t take much to put a flush in your cheek either.

Murray Street Vineyards are the Shiraz masters, specialising in estate grown Barossa shiraz and shiraz blends. The vineyards are managed in a sustainable way as the team are mindful of their environmental responsibility and of leaving a healthy legacy for future generations.

Price: $55 available here. Fantastic for special occasions or a special gift.

Rating: 4/5