Match your favourite jeans to their perfect wine

Our fashionista friends over at Shop me Chic and Fox in Flats are doing a whole week of denim. In their latest fashion dare, they’ve thrown down the gauntlet and challenged us all to rock-out in denim every day for a week.

It’s all for a good cause of course – to raise awareness for Jeans for Genes Day this Friday 3rd August 2012.

As a gal who basically lives in her skinny jeans and ballet flats – whatever the weather – I don’t think it’s gonna prove too much of a stretch to complete the challenge. Okay, so maybe, in the spirit of things I’ll resurrect my Levi’s denim jacket from the early 90’s and see if I can pass it off as a funky, distressed and oh-so-cool-I-might-have-bought-it-yesterday accessory to some cargo pants.

But in the meantime, watching lots of gals get their denim kit on and photograph themselves has got me thinking…What’s the wine equivalent of your good ol’ pair of denim jeans?

Well, that depends on the jeans! From skinnies, to boyfriend, to flares, there’s a pair of jeans for every occasion and – we think – a fabulous wine to match.

Here’s our Jeans for Genes Day / Denim Dare Wine Match Guide!


The Skinny

Yes, you do need to breathe in while putting (or spraying) them on, but the skinny jean really does look great on a wide range of female body shapes. And you’ll notice I’ve emphasised the word “female”. That’s because while many jeans styles can look good on both genders, we think the skinny jean should most definitely be for girls only!

Wine Match: Sauvignon Blanc

The favourite wine choice of gals the world over, Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for sipping while wearing your skinny jeans this Friday – or any time.

We’re enjoying breathing in and sipping on the newly bottled:  Bleasdale Adelaide Hills 2012 Sauvignon Blanc $17.00

The Flare

I think I’ve lived through several reincarnations of the flare, and undoubtedly there’ll be more to come. But whether they’re at the current height of fashion or not, you can always wear a flare and feel totally retro-cool.

Wine Match: Riesling

As a nod to the original flaring era of the 1960’s we think Riesling is a perfect match to wide leg jeans. But do yourself – and us – a favour and bypass the sweeter, older style Rieslings for one of the fresh, dry and zippy Rieslings  now being produced in Australia.

We recommend: Goaty Hill Riesling 2011 $25.00

The Boyfriend

Worn low on the hip with a loose, straight-cut leg, boyfriend jeans offer the perfect antithesis to a girly blouse or cropped t-shirt, with their slouchy, masculine silhouette.

Wine match: Cabernet Merlot

I don’t know about you, but I love a man who’s masculine and strong but smooth around the edges (where it counts). And that’s why a lovely blend of robust Cabernet Sauvignon and silky Merlot would be a triumphant match when wearing your Boyfriend jeans.

We’re loving the easy and cheerful: MadFish Gold Turtle Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot $18.00

The Coloured

Coloured jeans have come a long way since the garish, Tencel trend of the late 1980’s. And this season in particular coloured jeans are coming into their own as a wardrobe staple.

Wine Match: Sparkling Pinot Noir

When you wear coloured jeans, you’re pushing the denim boundaries. So we think a bright and colourful wine, that also stretches the rules, is needed here and a Sparkling Pinot Noir – a bright bubbly made from a red grape – fits the bill perfectly.

We’re popping the cork off a slightly blushing bottle of: Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir 2011 $30.00

The Bootleg

This rough ridin’, boot scootin’ set of pin covers are always ready when you are to hit the town – or the paddock – and take you from day through to evening. Best worn in winter for all your boot loving needs.

Wine match: Tempranillo

For the cow-girl in us all, when wearing a bootleg jean we need a wine that we can take a slug of straight from the bottle (if need be) and happily ride off into the sunset. So an easy drinking Spanish variety is what’s called for here.

We love taking great slugs of: Brown Brothers Tempranillo 2010 $17.00

Got a favourite pair of jeans we haven’t covered here? We’re happy to keep matching them up! Just tell us your style by leaving a comment below.