Macquariedale Matthew Merlot 2014

graves gate

Macquariedale is a little winery in the NSW Hunter Valley doing big things with biodynamic wine. They use 100% approved and certified biodynamic practices which enhance the intense flavours from their low yielding vines. Not only are the grapes untouched by chemical or artificial input, but the wine is also made using natural processes by using the wild wineyard yeast for the fermentation.  This creates a wine which is true to the region and allows for very minimal use of sulphur (preservative). There are also no fining agents used, meaning it’s totally vegan friendly. If you’ve got any vegan friends, you’ll know that they will be happy with this news!!!!

And it’s such a lovely, drinkable wine perfect for big piles of healthy food shared with friends. I sat down after a long week, opened the bottle and was determined to just have one glass. Half a bottle later, I was hooked. Plenty of cherry and blackcurrant flavours and a lovely clean, racy finish. The brightness and intensity of the fruit really sets this Merlot apart. Fabulous!

Price: $32.00 available here

Rating: 3.5/5