Lowe Nullo Mountain Pinot Noir 2013


Not only is this one of the most delicious Pinot Noirs I’ve had the pleasure of drinking this year, but it’s such a vibrant and happy wine! You just want to smile while you drink it.

Like a petticoat beneath a ball gown, there’s an ever present layer of earthiness and fine tannins that holds up and provide texture beneath the opulent outer layers of cherry, strawberry, orange peel and spring blossom. It really is the belle of the ball.

The Nullo Mountain vineyard is one of Australia’s coldest vineyards. It’s 1100 meters above sea level near Mudgee in central NSW and has been under biodynamic conversion (BFA) since 2012. The fruit was harvested on a fruit day by the biodynamic calendar and fermented from cultivated natural yeast from the vineyard. As someone who resides in one of the hippy-est happy corners of Australia, this sweet music to my ears. 

For those still disbelieving about the power of biodynamics, I predict one sip and you’ll have your epiphany.

Price: $30 Available here.

Rating: 4.5/5